About us

Management systems

​Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO S.A. (Inowrocław Salt Mines) is an established company with a wide recognition on the market. Our top priority is quality and satisfaction of present and future customers. Our quality policy is reflected in the implementation and continuous improvement of an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

The scope of the system is especially focused on the production of industrial brine, processing of vacuum evaporated salt and storing crude oil and fuels under the ground. Our long-standing practices show that the quality of our products has substantially increased thanks to the commitment of our personnel to the quality improvement policy. We have also been successful in meeting targets, which ensures satisfaction of our customers.

Natural environment and the need to protect it is also what we are highly aware of. Ensuring that all legal requirements regarding environment protection are met and implementing modern technologies has made our Company contribute to a major improvement in the state of environment through reduction of waste, power consumption and environmental fees. As a result, the company has been issued an ISO 14001 certificate which verifies our efforts. Effective environmental management would not be possible without professional training which facilitates identification of threats and quick responses to crisis situations, as well as increases the environmental awareness of our personnel.

For the sake of our customers and in our best interests we may not allow any negligence in this respect, therefore the environmental impact is constantly monitored. Our goals are continuous improvement of environmental performance and fulfillment of socio-economic requirements. The management systems implemented in our company have largely improved organisation and administration.

Being equally aware of the need to improve health, work safety and environment on a global level, following the guidelines of sustainable development, we have joined the international initiative of "Responsible Care” and – in recognition of our efforts – have been awarded a Responsible Care Certificate.

The quality objectives of Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO are as follows:

  • safe underground storage of crude oil and fuels,
  • production of salt brine, as a part of the storage process, and its continuous supply to our Customers,
    packaging and sale of salt and salt products in compliance with the requirements of Customers and current regulations of law.

The company pursues the above goals through:

  • systematic improvement of the knowledge of processes,
  • meeting demands and continuous improvement of the efficiency of quality management systems,
  • constant collaboration with customers in order to identify and satisfy their needs, requirements and expectations,
  • raising awareness of customer requirements among our staff,
  • individual responsibility of employees for the quality of their work,
  • selection of only such suppliers that satisfy the company’s quality requirements,
  • continuous improvement of the organisation of work,
  • participation of all employees in the improvement of quality systems,
  • improvement of technical processes.

The person in charge of implementation of this Quality Policy is the President of the Board and CEO of Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO.

The activities of Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO consisting in underground storage of crude oil and fuels, production of industrial salt brine and packaging of salt, are based on sound and reliable principles of sustainable development, such as the following:

  • cost-effectiveness with due consideration for social and environmental costs,
  • continuous improvement towards systematic reduction of environmental impact, prevention of pollution and an open and honest public information policy,
    exercising influence on the contractors in order to improve their respective environmental actions.

The Company undertakes to respect all applicable legal requirements and other commitments and obligations resulting from the scope of our operations, pursuant to identified environmental aspects. Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO further declares to:

  • continuously improve the safety of underground storage of oil, gas and fuels,
  • limit the impact of energy carriers on the environment,
  • promote the level of environmental awareness among employees,
  • maintain the proper esthetic quality of the Company’s land and premises.

This Policy has been implemented and communicated to all organisational units of the Company and the person in charge of is the President of the Board and CEO of Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO.

The main objective of Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO is to ensure safe use of common salt produced at our Salt Packaging Division and supplied for household and food processing applications.

The above objective is attained through the following:

  • carrying our activities in line with legal and formal requirements,
  • adhering to the Code of Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practice in Salt Processing,
  • application of an integrated management system,
  • implementation of relevant procedures and instructions,
  • using only the materials, additives and packaging that meet the food safety requirements,
  • introduction of technical and organisational solutions that ensure that our salt products are consumer safe,
  • training, maintenance and evaluation of hygiene standards among employees,
  • provision of relevant infrastructure,
  • meeting training needs of employees and their verification,
  • monitoring Critical Control Points,
  • implementation of a pest control scheme,
  • systematic control and monitoring of process parameters and salt quality,
  • establishing and maintaining quality records,
  • auditing and carrying out efficiency reviews of the integrated management system.

With the above principles in mind, Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO undertakes to supply products that meet Customers’ requirements, are safe for consumers, pose no threat to health or life and comply with internal operating standards and requirements of inspection authorities.

The person in charge of implementation of this Food Safety Policy is the President of the Board and CEO of Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO.