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Solino has two salt mines in Góra and Moglino. Their resources allow us to be the largest brine producer in Poland. The mine also serves us as a strategic and largest storage of crude oil and fuels in Poland, which ensures energy security for the entire country.

There are many applications of salt, ranging from the food industry, through meat, chemical, heating, energy glass, to cooling. Salt is used in medicine, it is used as an ingredient of animal feed, for the preparation of water in swimming pools and aquariums, and for the maintenance of roads in winter.

We extract the brine in the company's two mines, Góra and Mogilno. Currently, miners do not go underground anymore, and the exploitation of deposits is carried out from the surface of the so-called hole method. It consists in introducing pipes into the bed and forcing water through them, thanks to which we obtain brine.

Annually, we extract about 9 million m³ of it. We send it through pipelines to the largest soda and chemical plants in the region in Poland.

After the deposit has been exploited, there is an empty space of about 350 meters underground. Thanks to the chemically neutral salt, the deposits become a natural and ecological storehouse for crude oil and fuels.

Modern methods of handling make caverns much safer than above-ground tanks. The adopted design solutions, enabling precise control of the storage process, do not pose a threat to the natural environment.

About us

Our values

As part of the ORLEN Group, we have adopted a system of clear and practical rules of conduct. We organize our activities and employee relations based on the best legal and business practices. We are bound by the values ​​of the ORLEN Group: Responsibility, Development, People, Energy, Reliability.

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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics is a set of up-to-date, clear and practical rules of ethical conduct for all ORLEN Group employees, based on a revised approach to understanding ORLEN values: Responsibility, Progress, People, Energy and Dependability, as well as the current scale and operating strategy, the requirements of the Group’s environment, and best practices in the field of business ethics.